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Remember Me 

Editorial video for Alexandra Sherman's 2022 thesis collection "Remember Me". The collection utilizes hand cyantotyped photographs as textiles for the design. The concept comes from the memories that live in your closet: a photo album, a wedding dress, meaningful jewelry, or a box of stuff you can't seem to get rid of. Inspired by this collection and challenged with the assignment to create a 30 second editorial video of the collection, the concept I pitched and brought to life drew inspiration from the photographs in each garment. From there we strategically composed each scene to reflect the memory. We created a hazy, fast paced scene to reflect the uncertainty, curiosity and mystique surrounding memory.

Directed by Alexandra Sherman
Concept by MaryJo Ericson
Shot and edited by Zach Stith
Styled by MaryJo Ericson and Alexandra Sherman
Featuring Theodora Anastasiou

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