MaryJo Ericson - Photographer and Visual Story Teller


When I was in the second grade, I asked my dad what he thought I was going to be when I grew up. His response, "I am not sure what, but something creative". Maybe he spoke it into existence or maybe the little girl who loved to dance, write stories, play dress up, and make videos was destined to be creative. 


The connecting line between everything I do storytelling. Whether it be my love for creative writing, going on to choreograph and perform as an aerialist or studying photography at Parsons School of Design, I am driven by the story I want to tell and the message I want the world to receive. My curiosity for understanding the world is what sparks my imagination and drives my ability to create. 

Artist Statement

Before I was a photographer, I was an aerialist. From the ages of 12-18 I performed professionally on a variety of apparatuses including aerial silks, hoop, and trapeze. My experience in the aerial arts world led me to understand and appreciate the production and collaboration it takes to put on a tell a story and put on a show. I worked with a variety of people including choreographers, backstage crew, directors, and other performers. I saw the true magic of performance in the work behind the scenes. This has informed my photography practice as I see a photograph as a collaborative process through which I seek to produce and capture. Through my work I hope to bring people into another world and tell stories through light and gesture.

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